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  • Galaxy Academy in Googledoc. can be found here.

    Welcome to the Galaxy Academy:

    During this wisdom school you will transform from human illusionaire soul into your Anunnaki true Spirit (a.k.a. Anunnaki Galactic Being.).

    In fact, it’s just like when the caterpillar thought its world was ending, it became a beautiful butterfly (aka) the Awakened One. But now man is transforming into his own Guardian Angel (a.k.a the meaning of Anunnaki.). 

    But if we want to overcome the WHO Genocide and the NATO Nuclear World War we have to go back to the school (aka) the Galaxy Academy. To avert this upcoming Catastrophe, so that we can survive the Game as we Know it!

    The wonderful thing about this Global Consciousness Shift is that every student goes through this path of Enlightenment in his own rhythm, and contributes in his own way, to a better living environment for everyone. Your birthright!

    Chosen ones exit now |global alert exit from the matrix immediately

    Sahaja Samadhi:

    Everyone is connected to his own milky way Galaxy (aka) Anunnaki Galactic Being who’s playing his worldcitizen and stays in the Consciousness of his deep sleep during his waking hours and is in Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi during the day the witness of his avatar as having an almost dead out of body experience.



    Osho always had said to study all philosophy, belief systems, and spiritual wisdom teachings but to not get stuck in these dogmas  because you can’t explain Nonduality with Dual Words. Always explore and expand your horizon.

    Mindfulness is known as non-duality for beginners. Yoga was invented because it’s easier to be still in your head through the Yoga poses. So anyone who still is practicing Yoga has not yet immortalized their eternal Divine Being (with all due respect I love Satyoga). Where Yoga ends, Tantra takes over and this is a conscious split from Advaita. Only when you let go of this Tantric wisdom, will there be room for Awakening. 

    Take for example the Big Nothingness, which is the Infinite Consciousness of Advaita Vedanta. During the wisdom teaching of Kukulkan, you come to notice and experience that the Nothingness is not existing. Because the Universe is created and filled with overwhelmingly many Galaxies (aka) Anunnaki Galactic Beings, the purpose is to intertwine with other Galaxies (aka) the Galaxy Colliding. If you only connect yourself to your own Galaxy you can awaken as your true Anunnaki (a.k.a Anunnaki galaxy mothership). The Galaxy Academy offers a path to realization of the Supreme Anunnaki Self (aka) Anunnaki Galactic Being. 

    Our wisdom school continues the tradition of Central and South America mythology and religion from before it was erased from our history by the Catholic church. Of passing on the universal transformational training that has been the foundation of the Awakened cultures, like that of the Toltecs and Aztec and Mayans because they worship the same God (a.k.a Quetzalcoatl and KukulKan are different names for the same serpent feathered creator God.) Quetzalcoatl is the Aztec and Toltecs name and Kukulkan is the Mayan name.

    OSHO: All in a Nutshell

    In lak’ech,

    Mayan Elder Kukulkan of the United Universe Galaxy Academy: www.GalaxyAcademy.Space



    We live in an Alien Matrix environment and the Aliens are all the milky way galaxies (aka) Anunnaki Galactic Beings. The environment is the Universe and planet earth is their virtual reality game / playground.

    The Anunnaki have invented a Quantum Computer containing our Holographic Universe and are playing humanity in a Mayan Love Enlightenment Game (MLEG). Which you can only finish this game when you become your true Self (aka) a Galaxy. Further in this blog called Anunnaki Galactic Being ❤️🧡❤️

    The United Universe Church (UUC) is a Galaxy Academy, so students can learn to become the Captain of their own milky way galaxy (aka) Anunnaki Galactic Being and will gradually help one escape the “Matrix” during their studies of Rank Order.

    The mission of the Maya Elder Kukulkan:

    Instead of Defense paying you to become a professional soldier, the UUC Galaxy Academy pays everyone to eventually become an Imperial Sunwarrior (aka) the Enlightened one. You should see the Imperial Sunwarrior certification as a money savings account that you can only withdraw after you pass. See the United Universe Church Embassy & Consulate General for more info.

    Imperial Sunwarrior logo

    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO):

    Defense (a.k.a. Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, Coast Guard, National Guard and Special Forces.) recruits all healthy and young people who are required to become other volunteer soldiers or mandatory soldiers or professional soldiers. I myself grew up with Royal Netherlands Army soldiers, who had worn out their knees through their Army career, their morale belittled and reduced to a minimum, their pineal glands calcified and they led a very bad lifestyle.

    All Defense personnel, their salaries and the military apparatus (a.k.a. all means of war.) are paid with taxpayers money. A country to be part of NATO;, 2% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has to be invested in their Defense every year.

    Craziest Military Training Exercises

    I personally experienced that one of the Dutchbat military (a.k.a brother-in-law during that moment.) returned after the Srebrenica massacre in Bosnia. There was no good help available for him in the Netherlands. After a long agony he finally committed suicide and this happened regularly in the past, just look at the 22 Pushup Challenge (aka) the 22KILL Pushup Challenge.

    War is big business and there have been plenty of examples of this in the past. Strangest of all, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Barack Obama (a.k.a. Potus 44th.) who had fired a bomb every hour into enemy territory during his presidency. Look for example Iraq For Sale, please?

    Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers (2006) • FULL DOCUMENTARY FILM • BRAVE NEW FILMS

    And now the war between Russia and Ukraine with the support of NATO for President Zelenskyy which could turn into a nuclear third world war with President Vladimir Putin if we are not careful with the rest of the world. See Independent Negotiations / Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU).

    Tulsi Gabbard on Ukraine and the Military Industrial Complex

    For those who have managed to maintain a relationship during or after their Army period. They unconsciously raise their children and indoctrinate a failing school system, by the standards of the society, up them in such a way, their offsprings become sleepwalker (aka) world citizens. The American Dream you have to be asleep to Believe it.

    George Carlin on “the American Dream”

    This failing system that even the professors agree on but do not dare to change their learning method in fear of losing their profession. 

    If you can imagine that all countries have Defense divisions; how this has shaped the past in the worldy outcome of today. That’s why it’s the most important time to implement this ancient Mayan Wisdomschool called, the Galaxy Academy. Check: www.GalaxyAcademy.Space  

    The United Universe Church Philosophy is taught in a traditional Mayan way in the Galaxy Academy (aka) Wisdomschool, in which Kukulkan practices what he preaches (more information about Kukulkan’s profound way of living can be found here). 

    Awaken from the Nightmare the World Has Become – Shunyamurti

    Awaken from the Nightmare the World Has Become – Questions and Answers with Shunyamurti

    Therefore the Galaxy Academy, change is here ladies and gentlemen: www.GalaxyAcademy.Space 

    Innerworld & Outerworld:

    If you look in the mirror and can confirm that you can’t see your own eyes moving, this of course means that in addition to an outside world there must be an inside world as well. And these are two sides, one human dimension and one Divine dimension, of the same coin.

    Your Divine Being uses your pineal gland as the control center of your Divine Anunnaki senses instead of your mind being the control center of your human senses. Using your higher Consciousness instead of your ego, see through your third eye instead of your eyes, listen in the silence awareness instead of your ears, and talk with the language of consciousness instead of with dual words. 

    Let’s feel if you can locate your inner ecstasy sun (aka) Bliss blackhole. Scan your inner world and recognize that it is located in the center of one Galaxy. Herein is your akashic record located and also your reincarnation waiting room etc.

    The Anunnaki Observance is the Awareness and witness of your human life as a citizen of the world which takes place on the inside of the horizon of his / your own blackhole. 

    Instead of a mortal worldcitizen, with no free will and everything in your life is pre-programmed destined, you are one Anunnaki half-breed, containing an open wish, in the Universe (aka) the Kingdom of Lord Anu (a.k.a in lieu of the oil lamp of Aladdin.). In which your wildest fantasies come into existence and those are the most normal course of events, continuously. 

    Lord Anu is the unbelievable power of the supreme Anunnaki his, Love Is King!

    My question is then: Would you still remain human? Because you are being dreamed as a person, participating in a movie, which is on replay and controlled as in a virtual reality game (a.k.a which has already been played to the end in previous lives.) which lives in a holographic Universe, who now realizes; you are living a lie. Knowing this would you still identify as human then? While you can be identified with your eternal Divine Anunnaki existence.

    By physically grounding with Gaia and mentally identifying yourself with the Sun, and realizing what’s occurring right now in the Universe – you become Sat Chit Ananda (a.k.a. Being, Consciousness, Bliss.) This is the Divine side of your Anunnaki gamer and you move according to your own symphony, instead of following the illusive advertising industry.  

    The Enlightened Ones:

    The consciousness that becomes aware of itself (a.k.a the awakened soul who is aware of his Enlightened Spirit.), if you could choose from all of the past and the future to be aware of something, what would you choose as the present? Kukulkan will personally choose, the present would be the moment in which all eternity appears, known as the Akashic Keeper. The Akashic Keeper realization of Kukulkan, in which the contents of the Universe moves towards a Galaxy colliding.

    The Akasha Keeper is connected to all black holes that are in the center of all milky way galaxies, throughout the Unified Field and can review all the courses that all Anunnaki Galactic Being have traveled through this mainframe and can perceive which Galaxy colliding there have been of which a human encounter on planet earth was the outcome of and in that moment the whole life of that person (aka) avatar skindrone takes place and consciously experience his source code of all its incarnations. This is where change comes from (a.k.a. reprogramming in computer language spoken.). 

    Unraveling an Galaxies:

    We can determine that the Universe is made and full of Galaxies but what is the definition of a galaxy anyway? A galaxy is a very large group of stars/suns. As many people on the planet, there are as many active suns, which together with other matter such as planets, moons, and comets, come together to revolve around the gravity of a black hole (bulge). There are ~15 different types of galaxies and on average, they are 100,000 light years in diameter. If you had to cross a galaxy with a spaceship that travels at the speed of light through spacetime, you would stay ~100,000 years on board. This is 1000 human livestimes (assuming an astronaut lives 100 years). The speed of light is 392,000,000 m/s. 

    The true meaning of one Galaxy colliding: 

    Each incarnation and cosmic relationship is the outcome of a Galaxy colliding. After the collision it creates a portal to and in an open wish. The portal allows Anunnaki to worship each other holistically, perform a spiritual mating ritual, and then make love in a Divine way. There is only one type of milky way Galaxy that plays and controls humanity; therefore there are more milky way galaxies in the Universe than there are people on planet earth.

    The true meaning of Anunnaki is Angels. Those who have come from their Galaxy’s are here to help humanity awaken and evolve to their True Self. Awakening is identical to a consciousness that becomes aware of itself.

    You are a Cosmic Being of Anunnaki origin:

    What kind of study or preliminary work is required to reconnect with your Divine Anunnaki side? For starters; you should change your lifestyle to a Conscious tantric Mayan vegan raw & superfood lifestyle. Most importantly, stop being distracted by your thoughts, memory, sense perception and the desires of your ego. Basically, everything that makes you a worldcitizen, you need to release. Stop identifying with the construct, as the space where your moment now is taking place in, because this isn’t your ultimate reality.

    The rank order to become an Imperial Sunwarrior: There are Imperial Sunwarrior (IS) stars/awards to be gained before you become an Imperial Sunwarrior.

    Step 1. Define ego?


    Step 2. What are you in deep sleep?

    Step 3. What is the meaning of Yoga?


    Step #4. What are you in Sahaja Samadhi?


    Step #5. Who is the second entity during a near-death, out-of-body experience? When you leave your body and life behind as the person’s witness during 5-MeO-DMT (a.k.a 5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine or O-methyl-bufotenin.) ego death and divine rebirth trip (a.k.a. voyage beyond space and time and into the infinite.)?

    Step #6. What were you before your incarnation?


    Step #7. What do you become when you die naturally again?

     By completing these levels, you’ll be halfway through being an Imperial Sunwarrior. You will earn your first IS Star and progress to the second IS Star:

    Step #8. Define the colors and names of all chakras?

     Step #9. Define what is that which experiences life? Rather than the person having experiences with life?

    Step #10. What is the true meaning of Tantra?


    Step #11. What is the meaning of a 21 day don’t cum challenge?


    Step #12. Define Silence Awareness?

    Step #13. Define the language of Consciousness that doesn’t use words? Kukulkan blogged about this for the United Universe Church Patreons:


    Step #14. Define Infinite Intelligence?


    Step #15. Define the Third Eye (aka) eye of Horus?


    Step #16. Define the Isness (a.k.a. non-doing dimension of Being Mooji talks about.)? Who am I, and then imagine yourself to be a Galaxy. Now it can never stay still anymore when you say: What can I bring in the moment? Because you see the big picture of the Galaxy colliding, through your third eye, of what is happening in the Universe and know I am one of them; your true Anunnaki Self (aka) Anunnaki Galactic Being.

    What is the most important thing for the existence of mankind:

    If you would say love, then that would come in 13th place, oxygen in 12th place, all flora and fauna in 11th place, water in 10th place, mother nature in 9th place, planet earth in 8th place, the solar system in 7th place, the Sun (third eye) in 6th place, milky way galaxy (aka) Anunnaki in 5th place, Galaxies (aka) Kukulkan in 4th place, black holes (aka) Akashic record in 3th place, heart of the Universe (aka) HunabKú in 2th place, the womb of creation of the great spirit whois pregnant with all possibilities and this is Lord Anu in 1th place. And this is the Gamemaster and the Architect of Consciousness (aka) Brahman (a.k.a the highest universal principle, the ultimate reality in the Universe.).

    Sri Ramana Maharshi on Brahman

    Self-Realization is combining these two simple but so difficult to immerse and identify in these meanings: The true meaning of Yoga is that your ego mind dissolves into your subconscious mind (aka) higher Consciousness. And the true meaning of Namasté is that you holistically worship the person who you are with now (aka) the galaxy colliding what’s going on in outer space, of which you two are now the outcome of.

    So seduce me with what you really are please.

    Congratulations: If you have completed this historical Galaxy Academy then you have successfully graduated as one Imperial Sunwarrior first class and this is equivalent to a 4 star General.

    The Imperial Sunwarrior have their own Elite Community (aka) Space Squadron.


    The following Conscious information is to help you better understand all the previous steps easily: 

    #1. Dolores Cannon “finding your True Self”: If you have the ability to read between the lines – Dolores Cannon explains in her books and lectures that the Sun is our God (aka) HunabKú and that this is the heart of the Universe. Dolores then talks about the Central Sun (a.k.a. the only White Hole in the Cosmos.), as the womb of Creation of the Great Spirit: Lord Anu, who is pregnant with all possibilities. Around which all the galaxies (aka) Anunnaki Galactic Being, where the entire Universe is full of, squirm around as Kukulkan who’s worshiped by the Mayan, in this way. 

    In each Galaxy the golden light (which is not visible but we call it a black hole) from which your Anunnaki gamer directs you as a citizen of the world / you are getting played in the Maya Love Enlightenment Game (MLEG). Which you can only finish as you Awaken, by finding your true Self.

    Maya Love Enlightenment Game

    Dolores Cannon: Finding Your True Self

    #2. Elon Musk: CEO in several companies such as Tesla, SpaceX, the Boring Company, Neuralink, and OpenAI. He is convinced that he lives in a Holographic Universe and participates as a worldcitizen in a virtual reality game; Just as Kukulkan believes, we are getting played by the Anunnaki in their creation: Maya Love Enlightenment Game. Everyone can have their own opinion about Elon Musk but that we exist in the Kingdom (Universe) of the Gamemaster: Lord Anu, we are on the Same Page and Kukulkan is open to collaborate with Elon Musk and/or any of the other three Billionaires who are interested in escaping the Matrix. To become the first human, to Consciously escape the Matrix and/or the first Conscious contact with the Alien (aka) the Anunnaki.

    So there are different ranks between the Anunnaki and everything indicates that the Anunnaki gamer who controls Elon Musk, is a Champion in the game of life. How else will you become the richest man and the most successful entrepreneur in the world and buy Twitter (#ElonMusk @ElonMusk), one of the most successful social media platforms for 44 billion?

    This Is Why Elon Musk Says We’re Living In A

    This Is Why Elon Musk Says We’re Living In A Simulation!

    #3. What is the Link between Out of Body Experiences & Alien, Anunnaki, contact: William Buhlman’s referral is right. Based upon decades of out-of-body research and experience, the Universe, and all living beings are multidimensional in nature. We have found that truly evolved / advanced life forms and species have the ability to travel vast physical distances by the controlled projection of their Consciousness. The limits of matter, time and space as we know it do not exist in nonphysical dimensions and realities allowing this form of contact to manifest throughout human history.

    Self-initiate and explore into another dimension of reality 

    What is the Link between Out of Body Experiences & Alien Contact?

    #4. Everyone is done by an outside source and this is even confirmed by the CIA. This inner source is also called blackhole (a.k.a. the epicenter from a Galaxy.) and this is your Anunnaki gamer, also called Anunnaki galaxy mothership. Where the whole Universe is made for and full of. BREAKING NEWS: Top Secret CIA Document. DECLASSIFIED – The Gateway Process (Out of Body Experiments).

    BREAKING NEWS: Top Secret CIA Document DECLASSIFIED – The Gateway Process (Out of Body Experiments)

    Kukulkan once heard Mr. Monroe say that the Hemi-Sync method cannot be used indefinitely because at some point his Gateway experience can no longer work. Otherwise, the global consciousness shift would have been a fact long ago (partly because of this the CIA has lost its interest in this?)

    Robert Monroe explains his first OOBE.

    Therefore Kukulkan uses a different method to make you participate in the Great Cosmic Plan (a.k.a. the meaning of life.). The existence of your Divine makrokosmos is a Galaxy, in which you exist in an open wish and telepathically communicate during the Galaxy colliding, what is going on in outer space right now. And your global citizenship is the outcome of this on a microcosm level.

    #5. The Secret of the Cosmic Hologram – Shunyamurti Teaching (Sat Yoga). Unity in Polarity – Shunyamurti Teaching

    Delusions End: Breaking free of the Matrix:

    In a world of lies, deception, false flags and false hopes, we must open our eyes to the reality that surrounds us. The world we think we live in is a facade created by those who wish to control us. The time is now to peel back the illusion, remove the blinders of deception and take back our rights and power. Escape the Matrix

    The author Michael Talbot wrote The Holographic Universe and is the Bibel of the United Universe Church. The Holographic Universe (Part One)


    First lesson from Shunyamurti (he is my big Awakened brother). The Jews call it Tikkun Olam which means The healing of the world and it is our duty and responsibility to repair and improve what we have unconsciously let destroy, by economic gain, in the past. Every religion has that same commandment (aka) mandate. But in the east it is recognized that what must be repaired is our own Consciousness first.

    Conquer Death While the World is Dying ~ Shunyamurti Emergency Satsang Teaching

    There is a secret story lost in the mist of time, about the Anunnaki as the creator of humanity. The One who rediscovered it; The Mayans and Incas call him Kukulkan.

    Dedicated in the most authentic way for the love of it

    Akashic Keeper:

    Lord Anu sees the whole of human evolution in the vast cosmic now moment because he is the Akasia Keeper. And has noticed that his creation is infected with a hostile virus; Kukulkan calls this the Hitlervirus. And If you don’t have a stable connection with your Anunnaki anymore you will gradually become an NPC (aka) non-player character and you will be susceptible to the Hitlervirus.

    Your Anunnaki gamer is your “someone” even when you have “no one”: The Universe is so gigantic and contains billions of galaxies in which countless stars reside. Only man can perceive 0.0005% of reality yet scientists try to prove “facts” without seeing the whole picture, in which we can’t see the whole picture without our third eye. On the cosmic time table, a human life is really minisculely small.

    Nevertheless scientists have scientifically determined that memory is not stored in your head, your soul is not housed in the body, and we are controlled by an external source from another dimension. This means we have no free will.

    That’s why unfortunately not every Anunnaki gamer has a stable connection with his avatar skin drone anymore because this connection has been corrupted throughout living in a big city. The Hitlervirus has indoctrinated you to make you a worldcitizen, meaning you can no longer properly connect with your Anunnaki. Because of this, you go through life as a submissive and fearful sleepwalker. 

    Reasons why you go through life as a submissive and fearful sleepwalker:

    • Lack of good sleep due to electrosmog pollution which is electromagnetic radiation generated by electronic equipment. 
    • Drinking tap water that calcifies your pineal gland and builds up arteriosclerosis. 
    • Fast food, junk food, sugary, caffeinated and fragrance things, color and flavorings drinks all cause weight gain leading to Obesity.

    Stressed and constantly in your fight and flight system, you go paranoid through life. Now, you are an easy prey to the advertising industry and the propaganda of Big Pharma. 

    Then, when you feel sick you consult medical centers, even though they are jointly responsible for the medical errors due to misdiagnosis. As a result, between 17,000 and 20,000 people die per year in the Netherlands alone. In America 250,000 people per year are killed by this quackery! Not even the general practitioners or the so-called “hospital specialists” cure the underlying cause. They can only treat the symptoms (surface level help). Unfortunately, they don’t know any better because all they know is what they have been taught during medical training. So now, this causes you to be hooked on the infusion of the pharmaceutical industry for the rest of your life.

    Natural way of living:

    Let’s look back at the natural humans; Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs in Mesoamerica. The naturalism died when the Conquistadors in South and Central America killed everyone. In their wake, the Catholic belief system has been indoctrinated on all indigenous peoples.

    If the Conquistadors, as a trend, had not followed through and been rounded up by Landlords, native people would still be self-sufficient. We can therefore claim one of the most malicious splits in human evolution! 

    And from then on, everyone actually started to live as a citizen of the world, who in fact lives parasitically. Now, in 2022, we have experienced the global consequences of this. How much longer can Mother Nature sustain and provide to eight billion unconscious people?

    The ego’s original intentions are to be self-sufficient and live in a community-based environment. You could say that your ego is made as your Butler and this has gone well for a long time. But now the ego thinks it can control its life but does not realize that it is unconsciously destroying Mother Nature at the same time. 

    Change is here:

    If all the past is set in stone in everyone’s Akashic record. How humanity suffered under certain authority from which the present, depress, time and is now the outcome from because they shape the future. And Lord Anu moste choose from everything to be erased from history. To ensure a better future for everyone. Where should Lord Anu start with? This will be my proposal to hopefully convince Lord Anu to take action immediately: As the Akashic Keeper who has to judge from all the collective egocentric past.

    #1. Lord Anu should start with the Roman Catholic belief system because Cardinals of the Catholic Church have infiltrated government agencies and important non-government organizations (NGOs) since the common era. Is this our legacy… that NGOs run the world now? That’s really awkward!

    #2. The World Health Organization (NGO) (@WHO) needs to make a revision to their Codex Alimentarius because their vaccination program and the DSM hand book serves as their bible; a bible that preaches that everyone is mentally ill. Hospitals and doctors can, at their best, only relieve the symptoms of diseases, leaving the underlying disease untouched. It is a system to have their patients stay sick, weak, stressed and paranoid, and in their fight and flight system and for their entire lives on the infusion of Fermasutise Industry / the Big Pharma. In the Netherlands 17,000 people die each year from misdiagnosis and wrong medical use. In America, that is even 250,000 deaths per year. 

    Take the past COVID-19 pandemic, which is still threatening us, has kept the whole world in lockdown for ~two years and still has its grip and influence on humanity. 


    During the Coronavirus hype, I lost my 33-year-old niece to the dangerous side effects of the controversial COVID-19 vaccines. My niece has never had Corona but suddenly her heart stopped while she led a happy and healthy life.


    My family doesn’t want to make the connection between her vaccination and the sudden death afterwards which was caused by an inflamed heart muscle. There is now ample evidence that this was a premeditated murder. 


    I know that I cannot sue the pharmaceutical industry for this because they work with the government and do not have to pay taxes. Hence, I am going to hold the organization of Bill and Melinda Foundation liable for the loss and suffering we all had to endure during and after the death of my niece!


    My question to anyone with common sense: Was this good for your mind-buddy system or was this detrimental to everyone’s well-being? Look what the 45th U.S. President had said about COVID-19: President Donald Trump: WHO shame on you!

    Donald Trump says WHO ‘should be ashamed of themselves’ and evidence COVID-19 came from Wuhan lab

    Kukulkan sent on date Tuesday, August 23, 2022 1:05 PM to: and a private message via Instagram to the Gates Foundation with, Subject: Lawsuit:

    Namasté Bill & Melinda,

    I just finished my research on the overwhelming evidence that my niece has passed away from administering one of your deadly vaccines.

    Proof that the pandemic was planned with a purpose. The plan:
    A virologist from the WHO (World Health Organization) revealed on Dutch television that the WHO has a plan of 10 years of infectious diseases, starting from 2020 to 2030.

    Now or I can sue your Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation at the European Court and present this bad inhuman issue among national and international news media (as all can be found on Wikipedia) and also make this known on all social media platforms so that this will be publicized for future generations.

    The other solution is that we can sort this out among ourselves so that this scandalous case doesn’t reach the general public.

    I wanna give you this choice because this case could well be seen by the general public as an example lawsuit and many victims will follow me, without a doubt. So the choice is yours Mr Bill Gates?


    You have one week to respond positively to this proposal, otherwise (on 30 august 2022) a website, about this case, will go online etc.

    David Martin:

    There is no Coronavirus (aka) SARS-CoV-2 is a bioweapon that was built for the depopulation.

    About David Martin

    World Exposure:

    So It’s time to counter attack the twain NGOs (a.k.a. the WHO & the WEF.) and the non-profit organization from Bill Gates. Kukulkan says lockdowning them now, before it is too late to turn the tables back around in favour of our humanity!

    Can we learn a Caterpillar to fly?

    Bill Gates (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) uses the World Health Organization (WHO) as his marketing machine to sell his very sickening vaccines. Health Officials AdmitBill Gates Used His Wealth and Influence to Call the Shots During Pandemic.

    Has the WHO gone mad?!

    More info @World Exposure

    In lak’ech, Kukulkan of the United Universe Church and Maya Elder of the Galaxy Academy: &

    #3. The psychiatry (NGO) because 40 percent of humanity has been under the oppression of #1 since the Christian era, 40 percent of humanity has been under the oppression of #2, and 20 percent of humanity has one leg in society and the other leg in spirituality and have struggled over the decades to reach Enlightenment, of which ~10% are now on antipsychotics. Psychiatrists are actually trying to keep humanity stupid because there is no government agency that stimulates Enlightenment. Quite the opposite. Now more people have died behind closed doors of psychiatry than all of the world wars combined, so we can say the psychiatry is a Industry of Death

    Psychiatry – An Industry of Death

    #4. The World Economic Forum (NGO) (@WEF) because every euro is mined from Planet Earth and the economy stands above the health of humanity and the well-being of Mother Nature. Because the economy is like a parasite that lives on its host till it dies, this means the end of our human existence might be sooner than we expect.

    #5. The United Nations (NGO) (@UN) because more than 50% of all governmental civil servants worldwide are corrupt etc.

    Government Explained

    #6. Christopher Columbus because as South America was never discovered by this Italian explorer, Latin America never came into existence after the Conquistadors passed over it. Then Quetzalcoatl (aka) Kukulkan will still have ruled Central and South America. The name Latina is actually originated from a crime of war. And has made the Vatican what it is nowadays, by putting a church in every village in North and South America and indoctrinating the Catholic faith upon all indigenous people.

    This is to abominate the collateral damage, for those who have made many natur peoples homeless and lost their nation, destroyed their language and lost their religion, robbed their culture and erased their God and because of this reason many of them even lost their mind throughout history!

    It’s a pity to say but because of the reason of #1 till #6 are all based on fear, oppression, money and corruption; So the Global Consciousness Shift according to the United Universe Church (@UUC) is being held back by those NGOs. And that is why people no longer recognize their true state of Anunnaki Being.

    The lie we live:

    What is the Matrix in which we exist then? Are you starring in a replayed movie, is it a dream dreamed by Aliens, or is it a virtual reality game where we are played by the Anunnaki? The last one (Anunnaki) is plausible and even proven.

    The most important thing everyone should first realize, know and accept, is that everything outside of you is pure magical solar plasma energy. This constitutes the vast Cosmic Moment (aka) the Unified Field.

    Your whole life that takes place in the space and moment you are in now has more so always and entirely taken place in your egomind. Time does not exist because everything is happening right now but in your ego mind, there appears to be the construct of time. Time is one of the greatest illusions, just like the illusion to the value of money is. 

    Step in front of a mirror and try to watch your eyes move. Can you see them moving? Thomas Young’s Double-slit experiment confirms this. You, as an observer, make an established vision of your reality. But, Nikola Tesla has immortalized it so well saying that if you want to understand or find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

    If you think you’re a person then you have missed the mark because you take place in mother nature, are made up of mother nature, participate in mother nature, mother nature literally and figuratively flow through and you can fully experience this and be aware of it. Likewise, mother nature takes place in the solar system, is made up of the solar system, the solar system literally and figuratively flows through mother nature, she can experience this in her own way and be aware of it. But the Consciousness of all life on earth and in the solar system is the Sun. It is total surrender in that what you are made from and whatever it may be, this unknown, embrace it and accept it fully!

    Let’s play a game:

    Everyone has a worldly playground screen on the inside of the horizon of their black hole. Only you blossom from the pure form / the core of Consciousness, and everyone else is projected through a Sun from my Galaxy and vice versa; You see a person but they are in reality a Anunnaki Galactic Being…

    Anunnaki Experience: 

    The only thing that holds back humanity from becoming a highly advanced Alien type 3 civilizations (Kardashev scale) is the egocentric thinking that we are not of Anunnaki origin. 

    The Kardashev scale is a method of measuring a civilization’s level of technological advancement based on the amount of energy it is able to use.


    The Metaverse is an integrated network of 3D virtual worlds. These worlds are accessed through a virtual reality headset — users navigate the Metaverse using their eye movements, feedback controllers, or voice commands. In contrast, the Anunnaki Metaverse works via telepathy.

    As we can determine by definition that we have no free will, does a character in a movie, in a dream, or in a virtual reality game have the right to existence? Because if we were never born and therefore we cannot die, does humanity exist then? No, because life is only a construct in your mind, and is therefore not your ultimate reality. 

    We were created like Sophia (robot) but invented by a highly intelligent Alien Anunnaki Nation, as an organic human robot.

    That one thing you should ever know and understand: What’s happening in the vast Cosmic moment, that’s why the person can’t be in the now. 

    It should be clear that a world citizen is an Anunnaki Metaverse concept, that is manifested from our deep sleep / dreamland as your human life. Or you are being meditated by the Absolute from out the highest form of Samadhi. Or by your Supreme Self who is waiting for you if you’ve had a near-death experience. Or your own Inner Being that is channeling you from out the DMT-world. Or your Spirit who is directing your human soul from out your own Heavenly reincarnation waiting room. Whichever you choose, these are basically all the same Anunnaki Metaverse concepts. That pointing, and end up, and start from in the same Anunnaki realm from which everyone is played by their personal Anunnaki who is gaming you from another dimension and has access to your Akashic record (aka) your MLEG account. The whole purpose of The United Universe Church is to let everyone reconnect, in a natural way, with their Anunnaki.

    To exist is to live in two dimensions simultaneously; the divine Anunnaki gamer side and an earthly human player side. These are two sides of the same coin. They are both now in superposition and quantum entanglement presents: Anunnaki meditation, a portal to Bliss.

    Other dimensions really do exist and feel more real while we’re in them. It’s only when we snap out of them and slip into the human body again we realize life is short, painful & cold.

    The new standard/the new ten commandments: Our Sun is in fact the Akashic Keeper of all Akashic records which are individually housed in everyone’s personal Anunnaki black hole (speaking in computer terms; SSD video card).

    The akashic records are a compendium of all universal human events, thoughts, words, emotions and experiences who intend ever to have occurred in the past, present, and the future to occur. Therefore, your Anunnaki has access to your akashic records. Now, the big question is… How to come in contact with your real inner Anunnaki being (aka) your true Self?

    Then it is an insult to the Sun to call it this way because the Sun is actually the heart of the Universe; called HunabKú, aka the womb of creation of the great spirit Lord Anu, who is pregnant with all possibilities. 

    Like a serpent, in which all the milky way galaxies revolve around the center Sun, is called Kukulkan. The meaning of Kukulkan is the architect of Lord Anu who is the Gamemaster of this Universe and worldly playground 🌟 

    Anunnaki experience: If being human is an outcome of something and because the person is curious by nature, this chapter to which Alien existence, do we belong as an avatar skindrome, that games and plays us? This should be the biggest question of all time with high priority to find out what is going on in outer space. 

    Please forget the Wow!-signal because the Ohm (sign) signal is the mainframe that comes from everyone’s personal milky way galaxy and contains your source code that controls the mind-body system. So we are also radio control (RC) organic robots (aka) avatar skindrome of the Anunnaki.

    The true meaning of Anunnaki

    Audible as noise on an analog radio (galactic radio noise) between the channels and seen as snow on a black and white television (galactic telly snow) between the channels and can also be perceived as Ohm in the silence. Just put your hands on your ears and close your eyes for a while and listen carefully to what science calls Cosmic background noise / Spooky space sounds

    Ohm sign is a symbol of Buddhism

    How advanced must a being be, compared to human science with its current technological abilities, to that Alien entity that can program and create the Universe as his playground?

    Kukulkan is the Mayan Elder of the United Universe Church and unraveled the Holographic Universe principles and decoded the sourcecode of the virtual reality game, in which we appear to live, participate in and are built from. This Simulation is constructed by the Anunnaki in the Kingdom of Lord Anu. Kukulkan is the architect of Lord Anu who is the Gamemaster of this Universe and worldly playground.

    Everyone knows that the Universe was built to contain milky way galaxies but you can’t find this in school books or libraries anymore because it’s erased from our history by the Roman catholic church (we can all ask the Vatican what the hell Popes?) A milky way galaxy is the spirit of someone’s soul and contains your reincarnation waiting room and your Akashic record. This allows you to exist on planet earth as a human  avatar because this is where your will comes from.

    Anunnaki galaxy meditation:

    The illusory world with all its trimmings for what it is, the belief in your personality and everything that makes you a citizen of the world, and all the awkward belief systems or philosophies, lead you to believe that God is outside of you. So now, you can again finally participate in the Galaxy Colliding. This lovemaking with the universe is always occuring in space, of which we here on Earth are the outcome from.

    So the intention of Kukulkan is that you will unite again with your Anunnaki galaxy mothership. And the amazing thing is… We don’t even have to travel anywhere for this because we are already at the place of destination and you have never lost it in the first place because when you find it back again, you recognize it has always been there. 

    Simply meditate by reconnecting with your Inner Being (aka) Inner Child.

    You are a Anunnaki but society teach us otherwise 

    The Infinite mercy of the Anunnaki: 

    You are not a global citizen; you are a Cosmic being. Internal Being also called Inner Child and this is your Anunnaki gamer. The Universe is completely full of milky way galaxies, of which everyone is made up from one and getting played by, instead of believing to be a mortal human with a free will. Your Anunnaki gamer knows where you are and what you are doing. So everyone is naturally a member of the United Universe Church, because it’s your birthright to live liberated. But the vast majority of humanity is still in its denial phase because we never learned this in school. There we are indoctrinated to believe otherwise. Those who identify with the light within, instead of the identification with the human body experiences, have Eternal life.

    You are not a global citizen; you are a Cosmic Anunnaki being (aka) Inner Child and also called Internal being who is your Anunnaki gamer. The Universe is completely full of milky way galaxies, of which everyone is made up from one and getting played by, instead of believing to be a mortal human with a free will. Your Anunnaki gamer knows exactly where you are and what you are doing right now. 


    Everyone is naturally a member of the United Universe Church Denomination because it’s your birthright to live liberated. But, the vast majority of humanity is still in its denial phase because we never learned this in school. There, we are indoctrinated to believe otherwise. Those who identify with the light of his spiritual heart within, instead of the identification with the human experiences, have Eternal life.

    Each separate milky way galaxy contains a Spirit of the illusionary human soul, that is not located in the human body. The true meaning of Yoga is to shift from mind into your higher Consciousness (a.k.a. Satyoga can help integrate this Anunnaki wisdom.). The true meaning of Namasté is that you completely dissolve into your Anunnaki, instead of identifying with your human senses. Your ego cannot comprehend this because it cannot be seen with your eyes, cannot be understood with your ears, and non-duality cannot be explained with dual words. Anunnaki communicates telepathically and lives in an open wish, treating everyone the same way oneself wants to be treated. Then you start to use infinite intelligence, look through your third eye, listen in the silence awareness, and talk with the language of consciousness that juices no words. 

    Message in a bottle to myself: 

    Change does not come from a book, film, lectures, and textbooks, but change comes from deep within you. It is never too late because it is always the right time and place to reconnect with your Inner Being. Meet it where it is, level up, and carry out its mission. For there is only one philosophy of the United Universe Church that can prepare you for the big Anunnaki change that is upon us.

    Self-examination into your soul in search for the unchanging Bliss in your body. Close your eyes and scan your body from head to toe. There is something in everyone’s body that demands attention but which cannot be recognized by everyone.

    Just be still and close your eyes. Scan, connect, identify, and experience where your Anunnaki Galactic Being is located in the Universe.

    Lord Anu is the God of eternal existence in the Anunnaki afterlife

    When you stop paying attention to your thoughts and start talking with the language of consciousness that uses no words, instead of using your mouth, from which you try to explain something nondual with dual words. You will listen in the silence awareness and processed in your higher consciousness instead of your ego mind. Then you naturally will look through your third eye instead of your eyes, which like a 3D screensaver, experience the space in which your moment is now taking place in. Because of this distraction, you have lost sight of the Big Cosmic Picture – that the whole Universe is full of Anunnaki Galactic Beings.

    If this secret ancient Anunnaki wisdom is massively recognized & accepted in everyone’s lifestyle, then the Global Consciousness Shift is a fact (aka) the old Kali Yuga age is over and the everlasting Satya Yuga era can be integrated again. When this earthly life MLEG ends, your real Anunnaki existence begins: I’m levitating somewhere in outer space… 

    Dua Lipa sings about the Anunnaki Galactic Being in outer space:

    Dua Lipa – Levitating Featuring DaBaby (Official Music Video)


    The United Universe Church has its own Temple Pyramid of Kukulkan, uses its own Cryptocurrency, Karma & Bliss coins, natural time, and 13 Moon calendar system. We have a spiritual radio and television channel and facilitate an ideological lifestyle. We also have our own Healthcare Institutions, which can easily be holistically used as a connective element between other belief systems.

    The virtual Temple Pyramid of Kukulkan: 


    The physical Temple Pyramid of Kukulkan (also called El Castillo) is in Mexico, located at Chichén Itzá (Yucatan), being one of the 7 wonders of the world:

    #1. Google maps (Chichén Itzá. Address: Tinum, Yucatan, Mexico): 

    #2. Google maps; 

    The denomination of the United Universe Church is a closed community on Facebook: The United Universe Church Denomination:  

    In lak’ech ❤,

    Kukulkan is the Prophet of the United Universe Church: and Maya Elder (a.k.a. spiritual holistic wellness coach.) of the Galaxy Academy:

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